Under Commercial we encompass Medical, Industrial and Commercial applications. We have been involved with a diverse range of projects including Domestic Boilers, Scientific Analysing equipment, hospital monitoring equipment and strain measurement equipment which required items such as: –

  • Cut stripped and crimped wires for control Panels
  • Ribbon Cables with both IDC, standard crimp and solder connectors.
  • Branched ribbon cables
  • Wiring assemblies in many forms from: –
    • Simple straight Pin-to-Pin looms, with a variety of crimped and solder connectors.
    • Complex Multi-branch open wire Ty-rapped looms with various connectors.
  • The assembly, furnishing and wiring of Control Panels.
  • Junction Boxes and interconnection boxes for modular systems and testing purposes.

If you want to send a signal from one point to another using cable and connectors we will help you

Cables provided for high speed camera’s on Rolls Royce test bed.

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